Rugby Player Suffers Nauseating Injury During Live TV Arm Wrestling Match

Ben Graham | June 11, 2015
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Former professional rugby star Ben Ross suffered a horrifying injury while competing in a live broadcast arm wrestling match for charity.

He and fellow ex-rugby player Wendell Sailor appeared for a good-natured bout on the Australian "NRL Footy Show" and all was well... Until it wasn't. 

Sailor was visibly shocked and overwhelmed by the sight of Ross's badly broken arm as he walked from the stage in utter disbelief, hands on his head. Cue the commercial break.

Ross was immediately taken to the hospital and a producer stayed with him until his wife could arrive.

Through a series of tweets, concerned fans were kept in the loop about Ross’s status. He had indeed broken his humerus (surprise, surprise), but his sense of humor remained intact. 

Ross asked for a left-handed rematch.

Sailor tweeted an apology saying, “I feel so bad.”

Here’s the gut-wrenching spectacle below. Watch at your own risk.