Sage Steele Sues ESPN For Free Speech Violations

John Simmons | April 28, 2022
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ESPN employee Sage Steele is suing her network for a series of potential free-speech offenses that trace back to last year.

In September of 2021, Steele made an appearance on a podcast with former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, in which she criticized Disney (ESPN’s parent company) for their sweeping employee vaccine mandate. Steele and her fellow employees were forced to get the jab against their will or be fired, something that rightfully disgusted her.

“I respect everyone’s decision, I really do, but to mandate it is sick and it’s scary to me in many ways," Steele said on the podcast. "I just, I’m not surprised it got to this point, especially with Disney, I mean a global company like that."

The second offense mentioned in the lawsuit highlights how Steele claimed Barack Obama was biracial, which caused her to be temporarily suspended by ESPN.

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Now ESPN says that there is a company policy Steele violated, a policy that “prohibits news personnel from publicly opining on political or social issues.”

Let me be the first to say that holding Steele to that standard is a load of horse crap.

Countless ESPN broadcasts have been dedicated to promoting social justice causes. Heck, they even have a blog called ANDSCAPE associated with their website that does nothing but bring a black perspective on everything from culture to sports. "Blackness is infinite" is the blog site's tagline.

Furthermore, we need to look no further than one of ESPN’s most recognizable talk show hosts, such as the long-winded Stephen A. Smith, to see that ESPN only reprimands its employees when they do not comply with the woke agenda.


So it would appear that ESPN only cares if its employees are conservative-minded, but as long as they comment on social and cultural issues from a left-leaning perspective, everything is ok.

Just one more example of how contaminated ESPN has become ideologically and how truly far off the deep end they have gone.