San Fran Officials Debate Spending Big Money Renaming Non-PC Public Schools– While Keeping Them COVID-CLOSED

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 20, 2020
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Imagine living in a city where, Mayor London Breed pushes shoveling $1,000 per month for fifteen months to Pacific Islander and black women who get pregnant, and pay them from conception, to six months after birth. Imagine living in a city where a pro-Planned Parenthood Mayor can’t keep human excrement off city streets, where deaths of homeless people have skyrocketed, and where more than half of storefronts have closed under her lockdowns. Imagine living in a city where that same Mayor, London Breed, announces a $1,000 per month “universal basic income” for 130 “artists,” a handout scheduled to last six months beginning early next year.

Then, imagine hearing this woman cry “foul” over her city’s public school officials’ interest in spending tax cash to rename many of the public schools she and her friendly local bureaucrats and the state Democrat Governor she supports mandated CLOSED.

That’s precisely what’s happening in San Francisco.

As Reason’s Bobby Soave reports, Mayor Breed suddenly is identifying with the plight of taxpayers, and protesting that the San Francisco Unified School District is considering spending tens of thousands to change the names of schools that might currently be named after “controversial figures.”

The officials in charge of San Francisco's public schools are hard at work—not coming up with a plan to quickly reopen the schools, but to rename as many as 44 of them.

To which Mayor Breed -- paladin of the taxpayer and parents whose kids remain locked out of the schools that their taxes (and those of non-parents) fund – responded with:

To hear that the District is focusing energy and resources on renaming schools is offensive.

As a reminder of Mayor Breed’s fiscal responsibility and revulsion against tax thievery, please reread the opening paragraphs of this piece…

But what sensible person can expect a pandering, opportunistic, reality-defying, Constitution-trampling politician to be consistent on taxation, lockdowns, and political-correctness?

As Soave notes, San Fran public schools aren’t expected to be opened until January, and kids who “attend” those tax-funded propaganda farms will be stuck at home, absorbing the government-approved ideology via computer.

Gary Buechler, creator and host of Nerdrotic on YouTube and creator of, recently described in an incredibly powerful, factual, important video many of the politically-imposed factors that have led him and his family to flee California. And one of them is the fact that the San Fran school system is as untenable as the lockdown environment, as poisonous as the leftist California tax-and-spend mentality:

Currently, my child is attending his freshman year of high school on Zoom. He’s special needs; he needs extra attention, and that’s something else Gavin Newsom hasn’t responded to or addressed once. Prior to the lockdown, my wife and I spent a year trying to get our kid out of the California public school system and accepted into a Catholic school, which he was, but it wasn’t allowed to reopen. So, he’s still, technically, attending a school that gives him projects like writing about ‘white privilege’ in his Creative Writing class. But at least he doesn’t have to deal with not being able to enter his classroom with the rest of his classmates because they can’t remove a homeless guy – which did happen.

And yet, as Jill Tucker reports for the San Francisco Chronicle, the tax-paid bureaucrats debate the names they’ve already spent tax cash to put onto schools, and whether or not they will spend MORE tax cash to remove some of them.

A third of San Francisco public schools could see their names changed as officials push to replace 'inappropriate' ones honoring presidents, writers, generals and even Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Yep, even our hero, Di-Fi could be a target for removal.

El Dorado Elementary came up next for discussion, with board members questioning whether the criteria should apply to a mythological place associated with settlers or colonists…

Di-Fi’s name would be removed because when she was San Fran Mayor in 1986, she had a new Confederate Flag hoisted to replace one that had been defaced by vandals.

And then there’s not-so-honest Abe.

Abraham Lincoln High is also on the list, based on the former president's treatment of American Indian and native peoples.

And, heck, there could be many more reasons to oppose slapping Feinstein’s name, or Lincoln’s name, or ANY name on a public school – not just because some taxpayers think the names are offensive, but because some might think there are other names much more deserving to be put on public schools… names like Otto Von Bismarck, the 19th Century Prussian socialist who not only created the model upon which the morally and economically bankrupt collectivist US “Social Security” system is based, but also created (with the able machinations of hyper-statist Johann Gottlieb Fichte) the factory-like public school system upon which US public schools are based.

But debating what names are offensive or are more deserving misses the deeper philosophical and economic points.

While these tax-hirelings argue, and Mayor Breed deflects attention away from her own nutty spending ideas.

Imagine a bunch of robbers telling you to hand over thousands of dollars or they will steal your home or business, and then seeing them yell at each other over the ethics of what to do with your violently expropriated money… Then imagine the added insult of them claiming you not only “agreed” by not fleeing (since when was asking to be left alone and in peace a despicable act?), but that you speaking out against being made incapable of deciding how to educate your own child is, somehow, “anti-child.”

That’s the fecal-scented atmosphere of San Francisco, and, in fact, California (a state recently cited as the LEAST educated through ninth grade in the nation), and every locality in the US that “cherishes” tax-funded propaganda mills and the theft that runs them.

And that’s one of the things has led people like Gary Buechler to flee San Fran and California itself.

More power to him, and all the others who are departing. And shame on the politicians in formerly lovely San Francisco who debate the “ethics” of names they apply to buildings erected on the backs of taxpayers.