San Fran Reconsiders 'Sanctuary' Policies After Fentanyl Overdoses Skyrocket

Brittany M. Hughes | February 16, 2023
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Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

San Francisco, which is already considering paying black residents millions of dollars even as the city is unable to deal with their own homelessness population, and which has already gunked up its own bay with toxic algae despite being a frontrunner in the Climate Crier Olympics, is now rethinking some of its own pro-illegal alien “sanctuary” policies after fentanyl overdoses among its residents began to skyrocket.

San Francisco is one of many blue cities with written policies on the books prohibiting local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration officials to turn criminal aliens over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement after they’ve served their time for whatever crime may have originally gotten them arrested. Instead, criminal aliens – including those convicted of violent crimes or drug offenses – are released back onto city streets despite having no legal right to be in the country in the first place.

And as it turns out, when you tell undocumented people they can come squat in your town consequences-free, they do – and that includes drug dealers who tend to shy away from scrutiny as a rule. According to local reports, as many as half of all illicit opioid dealers in Nancy Pelosi’s hometown are illegal aliens. And while the city was busy shielding undocumented people from deportation, San Francisco police seized more than than 143 pounds of fentanyl off the streets last year alone. That same year, the city medical examiner said 451 of San Fran’s 620 fatal overdoses – nearly 74% - were caused by the drug.

Now, some city officials are demanding the city roll back a meager measure of its protections for illegal aliens that are right now making it easier for drug dealers to operate without fear of being deported.

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“It is time to withdraw the protection of sanctuary from undocumented immigrants trafficking fentanyl on our streets,” District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey said Tuesday, according to KRON4.

To stem the tide of fatal drugs killing his city's residents, Dorsey has introduced a bill that would deny “sanctuary” to illegal alien adults who have been convicted of a fentanyl-dealing felony within the past seven years and who have been re-arrested for another fentanyl-dealing crime or violent felony crime since.

Which, considering that even this measure would still allow a person to commit two serious crimes before facing being turned over to immigration authorities, is not much better than what’s currently in the city’s rulebook. Even still, something’s better than nothing.

“If San Francisco is to make progress on its overdose prevention strategy, supply-sideinterventions must be part of it,” Dorsey said. “My legislation is a harm-reduction approach. It draws a hard line on the most lethal street drug San Francisco has ever faced.”

Yep, a hard line – you only get two cracks at the bat to kill people with a deadly substance before you’re outta here.

While it's a tiny toe-nudge in the right direction, it's worth pointing out that maybe San Francisco morgues wouldn't be piling up with dead bodies chock full of illegal opioids if the city had bothered protecting its own people from criminal migrants whose very first act in this country - walking into it - made it clear they don't care about our laws. But in a city that repeatedly sent Nancy Pelosi to Congress as their representative, we probably shouldn't expect miracles.

Or, as it turns out, common sense.