San Fran Tries To Beg Back Tourists With Ad Filled With Woke Propaganda

Sarah Merly | June 1, 2023
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In their 2010 sunshine pop song “San Francisco,” The Mowgli’s declared that they lost their heads in San Francisco. Now, it seems like San Francisco Travel has joined them, but in an unromantic and oblivious way. 

The tourism organization released an ad begging for tourists who're understandably avoiding the city because of its woke policies and their consequences to come back. Their strategy? Displaying how wonderfully woke the city truly is.


“Always San Francisco” features, among other things, a dancing drag queen and a man in a wheelchair pretending to be a woman.

The ad has gotten plenty of backlash for suggesting that the woke government produces a beautiful city that people would actually want to move into. And the YouTube comments are gold.

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“Reminds me of the ad for booking passage on the Titanic,” remarked one user.

User Ant P commented, “Come over and get windows broken in your car, or see drug injections on the street….Great place to visit[.]”

“Oh I see, this is how you wanted it to be,” said Don_Vito. “Well, [i]t didn’t work out. It’s actually very sad what has happened to this city. Homeless people almost everywhere, junkies walk like zombies through the streets, dirty streets full of garbage, no law and order, no safety and the worst part? There is no will to change it. For ideological reasons, nobody dares to address the real problems. So there is not even hope. This place [sic] literally feels like ‘God [H]imself left it.’”

Looks like a shiny ad filled with propaganda isn't enough to convince tourists to do the Golden Gate hop-scotch over dirty syringes and piles of human feces anytime soon.

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