Santos v. Biden: McCarthy Doesn’t See Much Difference Over Resume ‘Embellishments’

Eric Scheiner | January 25, 2023
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has compared Rep. George Santos (R-NY), who admitted to "embellishments" on his resume, to chronic tall tale teller- in- chief  Joe Biden.

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) continues to be in the hot seat over uncovered fabrications on his resume regarding his college degree and career on Wall Street.

On Tuesday the media pressed McCarthy on why he was not pushing for Santos to be removed from office.

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"Are you standing by him -because if he was dying, that could cost you a seat?" a reporter asked.

“No. You know, I'm standing by him because his constituents voted for him. I do not have the power simply because if I disagree with somebody or what they have said, that I remove him from elected office,” McCarthy responded.

“Now, I will hold him to the same standard I hold anyone else elected to Congress. If for some way, when we go through ethics that he has broken the law, then we will remove him. But it's not my role. I believe in the rule of law.  A person is innocent until proven guilty.

And if I was to hold the standard that if somebody lied - Joe Biden couldn't be president right now. He told us he had three degrees. He graduated first in his class the numerous times before.

So let's not be sensational. The American public in his district voted for him. He has a responsibility to uphold what they voted for, to work and have their voice here. But at any time, if it rises to a legal level, we will deal with it then.”

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