Scarborough: Media 'Freaking Out' Over Trump Election Results Remark

Zach Montanaro | October 20, 2016
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Joe Scarborough had some very choice words for the media on Thursday morning following the third presidential debate, claiming the media were completely “freaking out” over Donald Trump’s claim he may or may not accept the results on election night.

"This is an example, the media got something they can absolutely freak out about and claim that he's an agent of Vladimir Putin and destroying democracy in America," Scarborough said. “It’s just another example of the media having to find a little phrase and freak out.”

Scarborough then brought up the fact that many Democrats still “whining” about how they felt Bush stole the election in 2000.

"As a Republican, I have listened to Democrats talk about the only two times we won the White House in like 800 years, that we stole both elections… Democrats have been whining for 16 years, they’re still writing articles about how Bush stole the elections in 2000 and 2004.”

During the show, Scarborough and his host Mika Brzezinski showed clips and articles from many Democrats and liberal-leaning publications that had claimed some sort of election stealing by Republicans in 2000 and 2004.

When pressed by one of his guests, Scarborough did make clear he wasn’t admonishing Trump, but rather making fun of the media.

“My target this morning for my mockery are the very people that are writing articles today on their blogs saying ‘this is a threat to democracy… and if we ever doubt this, are we no better than Putin?!’ Those are the people I’m mocking.”

Scarborough also brought up that many supporters of Bernie Sanders were claiming that Hillary Clinton was rigging their election as well.

"I mean, seriously, did you all bump your head?" he asked. "Or you just think we're that stupid."

You can see part of the exchange for yourself below:

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