School Board Cuts Mom's Mic As She Reads Pornographic Content From a School Library Book

Brittany M. Hughes | November 15, 2022
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Warning: this blog contains content that readers may - and should - find incredibly offensive. But if it's being forced on young children in our public school system, there's no reason we shouldn't have to endure it, too.

School boards and woke “educators” intent on indoctrinating the next generation with radical progressive ideology are encountering a big problem: moms.

In particular, moms – and dads, to be fair – who’re sick of seeing leftist propaganda pushed down their kids’ throats in tax-funded instructions that should be focused on teaching math, but are instead busy inviting grown men in spandex to gyrate in front of middle schoolers and making sure there are enough pornographic books on gay sex available in school libraries.

It was one such book that inspired this mom in Dearborn, Michigan to show up in front of her school board and read aloud graphic experts from a book available in her kid’s high school.

“We know our rights as parents, and right now, we know that our rights are being infringed upon,” she began.

“I’m gonna read from this book. I didn’t want to. I have not had to do that up to this point, but considering that someone said this book should go back on the shelf – and by the way, I’ll pay the library fine. I’m not returning this book,” she went on.

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The mother then read passages from the book in which a teenage character is encouraged by peers to masturbate into a communal bottle or be forced to drink its contents, and another in which the boy finds and graphically describes his father’s porn collection.

Midway through reading the second excerpt, the school board cut the woman’s microphone feed before trying to move on to the next speaker without addressing any of the mother’s concerns.

Which begs the longstanding question, if a book is too graphic and too offensive to be read aloud in front of a school board during a live-streamed public meeting, why is it being provided to young kids at taxpayer expense?

The answer seems al to clear: because leftists don’t want you to know what they’re teaching your kids.