Schools Are Requiring Kindergarteners To Recite a 'Land Acknowledgment' That They 'Occupy' Stolen Land

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 22, 2021
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What is “Land Acknowledgment” and how is it a shallow, insulting example of virtue-signaling forced on kids who might not be old enough to understand?

Selwyn Duke writes on it for The New American, and Tucker Carlson recently discussed it on his FoxNews program.

Duke puts it bluntly, covering one example from earlier in the so-called “school year” of Renton, Washington.  He explains that the practice in that case involved "…(K)indergarteners being forced daily to recite ‘land acknowledgements,' which are admissions that they live on stolen land."

Indeed, the “case” in Renton isn’t really a single case. It was an ongoing part of the so-called “education pedagogy” that saw the teacher, day after day, repeatedly drum the idea into the heads of the children, and force them to recite the claim that the land they're living on was "stolen" from indigenous peoples.

Kim Clark wrote about it at the end of September last year, for Law Enforcement Today:

In a virtual kindergarten classroom in the suburbs of Seattle, a mom says the person hired to teach her young son has instead been tormenting him and his classmates by accusing them of living on ‘stolen land.’

The Renton woman appeared on KIRO radio’s Dori Monson show on Tuesday (Sept 29), going only by her first name, Angela. 

On the first day of her son’s virtual class, Angela said she heard the unusual message as the teacher welcomed students and launched into the day’s lesson. 

By day three or four, she told the hosts of the radio show, she had decided to record what the teacher was saying to the class of five-year-olds.

And, though she spoke to the school principal about it, and received a promise from a school administrator that the teacher would be advised, nothing changed. In fact, it got worse.

Today, [Tuesday] though, the teacher took 17 minutes of class time to talk about it. First, she showed a video of another school doing land acknowledgment, like a poem. Then she had the kids repeat that acknowledgement poem back. And, then, she decided that the students were going to write one for the Duwamish people. So, they took the time to do that. 

The Duwamish people are a still-extant tribe of American Indians who lay claim to areas of what is now known as Washington, including Renton, Seattle, Burien, Tukwila, and Redmond.

And, though many Americans might see their subjugation at the hands of the U.S. government to be ancient history, one must note that horrific U.S. and Canadian government policies such as the “Indian Boarding School” abduction and “reeducation” of Indian children continued in the Northern US and southern Canada until 1970. History is not as compartmentalized or drawn-out as some might think, and, in the case of American Indians, not only have most of the agreements Indian tribes made with the U.S. government been broken by the U.S., many victims of U.S. oppression and theft are still alive.

So far, as it has been with other contemporary government policies regarding American Indians, the “land acknowledgment” rhetoric is just a virtue-signaling sham -- an empty-word sham that even DC politicians working with the new President pushed on Day One of Biden’s administration.

As Tucker Carlson noted:

At an Inauguration Event for Joe Biden, for example, one Democrat offered this Land Acknowledgment: ‘Our country was built on indigenous land and we pay tribute to the indigenous nation.'

Which presents a few problems. First, there were multiple Indian nations on North America, and anyone familiar with Russell Means and his work with the Lakota Sioux to get the U.S. government to respond to their land claims knows quite well that Indian nations still exist.

But, second, if these virtue-signaling politicians and teachers really “pay tribute,” are they willing to give up their homes, if those homes are on land the U.S. government stole from American Indians?

Did that kindergarten teacher in Renton hand over her property to the tribe?

And, did the teacher ever consider that kids just five years out of the womb might need a little more time to soak in the history and concepts involved before they explore the idea of “stolen land” and the forces behind the disputes and inane virtue signaling?

More to the point, while making the kids recite things about stolen land, did the teacher ever stop to consider that the public school, its administrators, and said teacher’s salary are all funded by money the government steals from taxpayers under the threat of, yeah, losing their homes, as the Indians lost theirs?

Have any of the "virtuous" people involved with the “Land Acknowledgment” movement ever stopped to ask themselves if they will stop taking other people’s property and earnings, stop colonizing other people's businesses, stop claiming portions of their lives?

Or will they just hypocritically signal their self-styled “virtue” and “care” as they cash their checks and force kids to do what they command?


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