Harris Allies Whine Dems Would 'Prefer a White Person' to Replace Biden

Scott Giebel | July 2, 2024

The Democrats are in turmoil following last week's disastrous debate for Joe Biden, with some even suggesting the aging president should be swapped for another frontrunner, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom or even twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

But according to an article from Politico, Kamala Harris - Biden’s current vice president - isn’t listed as one of the party’s top go-tos as a potential replacement, with some claiming it’s because of - naturally - her race. 

Politico reports an unnamed source, referenced only as a veteran Democrat and Harris ally, suggested Harris isn’t being considered because she’s not white.

“They still don’t get that the message you’re saying to people, to this Democratic Party, is, we prefer a white person,” the source said, per Politico.

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Another unnamed source reportedly added, “If they think they are going to get through South Carolina bashing an effective and qualified Black woman vice president — their instincts are as bad as I thought they were.”

Politico conducted a poll to gauge Democratic voters' thoughts on Harris as a potential candidate in 2028. Forty-one percent favored Harris, while Pete Buttigieg and Newsom received 14% and 15%, respectively.

Given the Democrats' focus on race, it's not surprising that Harris is receiving significant attention, and allies of Harris are suggesting that if Biden is replaced, it should be by someone of color.

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