LA Christian Lifeguard Suspended For Refusing to Fly a Pride Flag

Scott Giebel | May 31, 2024
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Jeffrey Little is a lifeguard in Los Angeles who was reportedly told he had to fly a “Pride” flag at his lifeguard stand at Pacific Palisades at Will Rogers Beach. So he refused, because he is a devout Christian who values his faith.

According to an article by Fox News, Little ended up getting suspended for not flying the flag after being told he had to choose “between his faith or his job.”

Little, who has been with the LA County Fire Department for 22 years, said he asked for a religious accommodation that would exempt him from personally raising the "Pride" flag, which had been mandated thanks to a 2023 resolution by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors declaring that all county-operated facilities fly the Progress Pride flag during the month of June. Little said he was told, “You’re a county employee - your religious beliefs don’t matter” by  L.A. Division Chief Fernando Boiteux.

If true, this move is clearly discrimination, as the city is forcing him to participate in something that is against his religious beliefs as well as telling him he could lose his job if he doesn't comply.

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On top of being pushed to fly the flag as a lifeguard, Little said the fire department also removed him from his position on a background investigation unit despite his "exemplary record" and there "never being any concerns with his work or reputation.” He also claims someone leaked his religious exemption request - a process which was supposed to be confidential - and that he and his two daughters received death threats as a result. Little is now suing the fire department for violating his First Amendment rights to free speech and religion, and is being represented by the Thomas More Society.

Little said he “felt like I was being targeted or entrapped” and that “my religious beliefs were not being taken seriously.”

The left is getting more aggressive in attempting to silence religion, and it’s good to see people like Jeffrey Little fighting back.  

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