Oregon Mother of Five Blocked from Adopting Due to Christian Faith

Scott Giebel | July 10, 2024
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It’s no secret that Christians are under attack in this country, and much of it comes from Democrats who aim to eradicate religion in America. Oregon, being a very liberal state, has joined in on this assault.

Jessica Bates, a mother of five, is challenging the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) with assistance from Alliance Defending Freedom after being informed she could not adopt.

An article by Life News reported the rule within the ODHS “categorically excluded her from adopting any child — no matter their age or beliefs — because she would not violate her religious beliefs to promote Oregon’s radical gender ideology.” 

Bates is petitioning the 9th Circuit to grant her certification so she can adopt and “provide a loving home to children in need.” This case exemplifies a state, governed by Democrats, leveraging its authority to discriminate against a religious family.

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“Jessica is a loving mother who wants to open her home to children in need right now,” ADF Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs explained, “but Oregon officials are excluding her and countless other families because of their religious beliefs about sexual ethics and the human body.” 

This ordeal has spanned two years as Bates applied for certification, but was denied because she refused to affirm or perform actions conflicting with her faith, such as teaching her children that boys can become girls and vice versa.

Jessica Bates cherishes life and is a devoted mother to five children. Being denied the opportunity to adopt is beyond upsetting and shows that Democrat-led states always have an agenda.


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