Porsche Exec Given 7 Years in Prison For Throwing Newborn From a Window, Believing a Baby Would 'Ruin Her Career'

Scott Giebel | July 8, 2024
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We live in a society in which women are often told that achieving a successful career and becoming a 'girl boss' is the ultimate path to happiness, even if it comes at the expense of having children. And unfortunately, that belief in careers over kids has led to deadly consequences for at least one child - and, if we’re being honest, millions more.

Katarina Jovanovic, 28, from Germany, was sentenced on July 3 to more than seven years in prison for intentionally dropping her newborn daughter out of a window because she feared that having a child would “ruin her career” as an executive in Porsche's legal department.

During the trial, it was revealed that Jovanovic had given birth in secret on September 12, 2023 and immediately threw the baby out of the window, horrifying onlookers who discovered the deceased infant dead on the pavement some 12 feet below.

According to an article by the Daily Mail, Public prosecutor Mareike Hafendoerfer said Jovanovic “was not prepared to put her life plans, especially her professional advancement, on hold for a child.”

Malte Hoech, Jovanovic’s defense attorney, said Jovanovic didn’t know she was pregnant, and blamed an “exceptional psychological situation” for the child’s death.

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“When she suddenly held the bloody baby in her hands, she was in an exceptional psychological situation,” he said, per the Daily Mail. “It was an accident, she dropped the baby. How the child ended up over the windowsill remains to be determined.”

As horrific as this story is, cases like this raise the significant question: how is this fundamentally different from abortion? Planned Parenthood is one of the leading proponents of the narrative that motherhood will ultimately cost women their dreams, their education, and their careers, using that lie to spur millions of women per year to abort their babies before birth out of convenience, or fear.

Jovanovic received a seven-and-a-half-year sentence for killing her child after birth, yet women can kill their babies before they are born with no consequences. And it happens by the thousands every single day.

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