Pro-Life Father of 11 Avoids Prison Time

Scott Giebel | July 3, 2024

Paul Vaughn, a pro-life activist and father of 11, was arrested in October of 2022 for an incident that occurred in 2021. Vaughn, along with 10 others, created a “blockade” at an abortion clinic in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

According to an article by LifeNews, Vaughn and the others were charged with  “conspiracy against rights secured by the FACE Act, and committing FACE Act violations.” 

Vaughn would first speak to the Daily Signal to recount what happened when the FBI showed up at his house. 

“When I opened the door and saw the guns pointed at me, I asked them what they wanted, who they were looking for, and they said they wanted me,” he explained. “I had kids in the yard walking out to get in the car to go to school. I was about to take them to school, and other kids in the house.”

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Fortunately for Vaughn, the judge presiding over the case ruled that he wouldn’t have to spend any time in prison, but would instead have three years of supervised release. This ruling is a significant victory for those in the pro-life movement.

Vaughn stated that fighting for what is right will always be important to him.

“We must stand and fight for what is right. We cannot bow down to the lie. Laws have to be grounded in truth," Vaughn said. "They have to align with the ultimate lawgiver, who is Christ our Lord."

Stories like this one are not uncommon, but they serve as a reminder of the extent of governmental control and the challenges faced by the pro-life movement.


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