The Sea Voyage Has Ended ...

DannyG | August 8, 2008
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... so let the blogging begin. I'm sitting in Miami International Airport awaiting my return flight to the Washington, D.C., area. I spent the past two-plus days on the USS Kearsarge, a Navy ship headed on a humanitarian mission to Latin America. I was one of a handful of bloggers on the ship as part of the Navy's new media outreach. Let me just say they are definitely new at it -- and not very good at it just yet. We were supposed to be able to blog from the ship; that never happened. Instead, I wrote blog entries in Microsoft Word during my stay. I'll be uploading and backdating the blog entries, as well as video and photographs, over the next few days. I wasn't able to live-blog this voyage as I had hoped, so you won't be able to read it as it happens, either. To do that, go to the oldest entry in the Operation Continuing Promise category and work your way from bottom to top. I apologize in advance for the hassle, but I hope it will be worth your time. Operation Continuing Promise certainly is worth the time of the Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, nongovernmental organizations and foreign nations involved in the joint mission.

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