Seattle LGBT Community Not Satisfied With Amazon's Show Of Support

John Simmons | June 2, 2022
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The LGBT community in Seattle thinks they are suffering, and it seems like they really need a huge reality check to understand that isn’t true.

On Wednesday, Amazon’s Seattle headquarters raised a massive pride flag outside of their building. Most people within this community would see that and think to themselves, 'Man, what an amazing show of validation for who we are and such a strong demonstration of support for us! No other demographic gets nearly as much support as us, we should be thankful that we get this much admiration!'

But as is always the case with the ever-emotionally frail LGBT community, stunts like this are never enough.

Within the same breezeway in which Amazon hoisted this massive flag, 30 Amazon employees laid on their backs with the rest of their bodies covered in the transgender flag (how many flags are there?) because they were upset that Amazon sells books they deemed were “transphobic.”

But Seattle’s LGBT community’s beef with Jeff Bezos’ brainchild doesn’t stop there.

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Last month, Seattle Pride (the organization that coordinates the LGBT community in Seattle) dropped Amazon as a sponsor from their annual pride parade because the company apparently donates to politicians that don't support LGBT+ policies.

"Seattle Pride has decided to not partner with Amazon for the 2022 Seattle Pride Parade because of their financial donations to politicians who actively propose and support anti-LGBTQIA+ legislation, oppose pro-LGBTQIA+ and other human rights legislation, and for allowing anti-LGBTQIA+ organizations to raise funds from their AmazonSmile program," Seattle Pride released in a statement

So it’s not enough that Amazon just showed that they will go all out to support the LGBT community, but now the LGBT folks are playing watchdog on all the business doings of Amazon and finding any way they can intimidate the shipping giant into caving to their agenda.

It’s repulsive and idiotic, but this is how they often operate so they can get what they want. Because that’s what life is all about, making sure that the Alphabet Mafia doesn’t feel emotionally damaged. 


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