Second Amendment Sanctuaries Surge In Virginia

Eric Scheiner | November 25, 2019

Following the elections, more counties in Virginia have taken the step of declaring themselves 'Second Amendment sanctuaries' as Democrats propose new gun control legislation.

Democrats in Richmond may hold the majority - but some Second Amendment supporters are already making moves to show they will resist restrictions on their rights and are sending a serious message to liberal lawmakers.




WHSV reports: 

The movement of counties declaring themselves 'Second Amendment sanctuaries' – taking their own spin on 'sanctuary cities,' which vowed not to work with ICE to deport undocumented immigrants – began shortly after the election earlier this month in which Democrats won control of the General Assembly for the first time in decades.

Following that election, many in counties that voted conservative believe that their constitutional rights are threatened.


Virginia counties that have adopted the measure include, Appomattox County, Charlotte County, Carroll County, Giles County, Pittsylvania County, Campbell County, and Dinwiddie County.

Augusta County is expected to take up a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution on Tuesday. It’s a measure Sheriff Donald L. Smith is supporting.

According to a Facebook post by the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office:

Over the past week, I have had many questions regarding Augusta County becoming a Sanctuary County for firearms. I feel that the Board of Supervisors should APPROVE a resolution in favor of affirming the 2nd Amendment which protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, 'Shall not be infringed.' I absolutely OPPOSE any legislation that orders local, state, or federal law enforcement officials to confiscate firearms. This includes semi-automatic sporting rifles commonly referred to as assault rifles. The term “assault” rifle generally refers to military style weapons that have the capability for fully automatic fire when the trigger is depressed. Civilian 'AR' style rifles are by nature semi-automatic weapons that do not have the ability to fire fully automatically.

I spoke with several of the Board of Supervisors and will be educating all of them on the proposed gun control bills that will be introduced so they can make an informed decision regarding the resolution. I spoke with Commonwealth’s Attorney Tim Martin, who also affirmed his SUPPORT for the affirmation of the Constitutional Rights of all Augusta County citizens.


Rockingham County, Amherst County and Franklin County are also reportedly looking at similar resolutions.