'Second Gentleman' Doug Emhoff Compares Concerned Parents At School Board Meetings With Nazis Who Slaughtered Jews

Brittany M. Hughes | March 16, 2023
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“Second Gentleman” - i.e., the oft-forgotten husband of Vice President Kamala Harris - Doug Emhoff compared concerned parents who show up to their kids’ school board meetings to protest things like porn in middle school libraries to Nazis who slaughtered Jews during the Holocaust.

Speaking during a live-audience Q&A with MSNBC’s Symone Sanders-Townsend, Emhoff said he had met with a Ukrainian woman who survived the Holocaust by fleeing Nazi Germany back in the ‘40s, only to end up back in Berlin as a refugee again after Russia invaded her country last year.

Enhoff then said that the “hate” that forced her to flee Hitler’s Germany is “interconnected” with the sentiments now being shown at school board meetings in the U.S.

“This hate is interconnected. You see it in the discus right now. You see it in the divid that we have. Just going a school meeting, you see the hate that is out there.”

Emhoff then slammed “so-called leaders” who are “not speaking out on trying to overthrow the government, trying to ban books, all these things that are ridiculous.”

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I’m not sure what school board meetings Emhoff has been to - he and his wife have no children, and any hypothetical ones certainly wouldn’t be attending such pedestrian institutions as public schools - but the meetings we’ve covered usually entail parents outraged that materials like graphic novels containing explicit depictions of gay sex are being found in their middle schooler’s library, or that their high schooler is being encouraged to “transition” genders by teachers and faculty without the consent or even knowledge of their parents. School boards often silence parents who read sexually graphic passages of books their kids were forced to read in class - an important note, given that censorship and silencing dissent were hallmarks of Hitler's Nazi regime.

In fact, we’ve even seen some young teens and children take the stand at meetings to blast the racist, sexual, or communist garbage being shoved down their throats by ideologues masquerading as educators.

I wonder if Emhoff would compare this 11-year-old to a Nazi.

Knowing this administration? Probably.