Selective Memory: Kaepernick Releases Workout Video Claiming He's Been 'Denied Work,' 'Still Ready'

Nick Kangadis | August 8, 2019
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Hey, everybody! Did you hear? Unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick a new video of himself working out like crazy so that he can stage the NFL comeback that not very many are asking for. When you factor in that the Kaepernick video claims that he’s been “denied work” in the video the upchuck factor increases tenfold.

The man who made kneeling during the national anthem before sporting events fashionable for activist athletes, released a video on Twitter Wednesday of himself working out and not saying much except, “5am. 5 days a week. For 3 years. Still Ready.”

For what?

Apparently, Kaepernick is “still ready” for an opportunity to play in the NFL. The beginning of the video even showed a counter with the amount of days (889) that he claims he’s been “denied work.”

Here's the video:

The problem with that is that Kaepernick has had opportunities to play football again — he just didn’t capitalize on said opportunities.

I wrote the following about Kaepernick’s squandered opportunities back in February:

Further proving that point are the multiple opportunities that Kaepernick had to join a National Football League (NFL) roster over the last couple of years. He opted out of his deal with the San Francisco 49ers after the last season he played, which cost him $14.5 million for the 2017 season. Kaepernick also had an opportunity to play with the Baltimore Ravens, that latter of which was nullified after his racist girlfriend, Nessa Diab, posted a meme in a tweet basically calling the Ravens owner [Steve Bisciotti] a slave master and the franchise’s all-time greatest player, Ray Lewis, his loyal slave.

There was even talk that Kaepernick turned down a 2016 deal that would have sent the embattled quarterback from the San Francisco 49ers to the Denver Broncos. But, reportedly, Kaepernick turned down the deal because he didn’t want to take a pay cut. However, to be fair, the deal was rumored to have been on the table before Kaepernick ever sat down or taken a knee during the anthem.

Whatever the case, the argument that Kaepernick’s been completely “denied work” is a falsehood that he might be using in order to garner some kind of sympathy.