Sen. Tuberville: Biden’s Title IX Rule Will 'Bring [Women’s Sports] To Its Knees'

Jay Maxson | June 24, 2022
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President Joe Biden issued changes to Title IX that will, in the words of Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville, bring women’s sports to their knees. The president’s proposed rules changes would prohibit discrimination based on sex and would recognize gender "identity," as opposed to actual gender.

Biden’s proposal is subject to a 60-day comment period, and opponents are already saying plenty in opposition to this ridiculous attempt to turn female sports on its head.  

The radical Democrat president is attempting to overturn Trump-era regulations that recognized biological reality, instead promoting a policy that would bar "discrimination" against trans students and disrupt the level playing field of female athletes and allow stronger males to dominate. It would also protect gender-confused people from the horrible “crime” of misgendering. 

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said Thursday, “Our proposed changes would fully protect students from all forms of sex discrimination, instead of limiting some protections to sexual harassment alone, and make clear those protections include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.” 

Any school accepting federal funding would, according to Biden’s woke plan, be forced “to allow males claiming to be females into girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms and would force schools to allow males claiming to be girls onto girls’ sports teams,” writes Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston.  

Thirteen states have passed laws preventing boys from participating in girls’ sports. Nine more states are either debating similar legislation or their transgender bans have not yet taken effect.

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In a letter sent to Cardona, conservative civil liberties organizations warned the government’s rules would “rob girls and women of equal athletic opportunities by requiring schools to allow biological boys and men to compete in women’s athletics.”

Additionally, they said: 

“For schools, this means that female sports teams, bathrooms, and locker rooms would be open to anyone who ‘identifies’ as female, and vice versa. Under the Department’s new rules, separating athletic teams and intimate facilities based on biological sex would be illegal. If a high school boy declares that he “identifies” as a girl, the school would be required to allow him to walk into the girls’ locker room while girls are changing, or enter the girls’ bathroom to use the facilities alongside his female peers. Any attempt to prevent this would be discriminatory conduct prohibited by Title IX.” 

Sen. Tuberville spoke up strongly against Biden’s trans-obsessed rule Thursday on Fox & Friends.: 

“[Title IX] made it a level playing field for everybody, and it has been a huge success. I coached women’s basketball back when I first started in high school coaching, and I saw the emergence of it right off the bat. But now, Joe Biden is getting ready to make proposals that’s going to bring it to its knees.” 

The conservative Alabama senator also pointed out that biological boys have won 22 championships in girls' sports.

“That’s wrong. It’s wrong," he said. "We’ve got to get away from that. We’ve got to fight back on it. We’ve got some Democrats that are hiding from this issue because this is an election year. We’ve got to stop it.” 

Sen. Tuberville also predicted that Democrats will "screw up" Title IX, which is meant to protect against discrimination based on biological sex.

“ They’ve screwed everything else up," he said. "They might as well screw this up, but we’re going to fight it.”