Senator Sessions Slams Obama Over Activist Judge

Stephen Gutowski | June 11, 2010
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CNS News

, one of our sister organizations here at the MRC, caught up with Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to get his thoughts on the party line vote that passed Judge Chatigny's nomination through the senate judiciary committee. Watch the glorious smack down that ensues:

“This president clearly has a view of the judiciary that is contrary to the classical American understanding of the law”. Ouch.

Good for Sessions. He's absolutely right on this. Presidents who believe in impartial judges who aren't above or outside the law don't nominate ones that completely circumvent and destroy the law in order to give softer sentences to serial rapists and murderers. I can't even fathom how Obama thought this disgusting excuse for a judge deserves a promotion and not public disgrace.

Make sure you read the entire article over at CNS to get a complete understanding of exactly how completely messed up this judge and his nomination are.