Set Phasers to Woke; Star Trek Forbids ‘Hate Speech’

Abby Streetman | June 10, 2021
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Star Trek used to boldly seek out new worlds and new civilizations. Now it wilts at strong words cowers lets someone's feelings get hurt. The overlords of Star Trek have decided that they just can't handle how mean people are just so they have to remove anything that isn't about butterflies and rainbows from the official website.

In a Twitter post on June 8, the official Star Trek account posted a graphic condemning the use of politically incorrect language. I guess creating your own alternate universe doesn't protect you from everything, they are still cry babies just like the people down here on Earth.  In 2017 the company modeled an evil character after former President Donald Trump, but it can't handle mean people.

The Star Trek Universe is a safe community for all 🖖

— Star Trek (@StarTrek) June 8, 2021

This is the pinned tweet for the account. Just in time for Pride Month. Now anyone who visits the Star Trek page can see just how woke the show has gone. How brave of them! Pandering to the left just like everyone else in Hollywood. No wonder the show has been losing popularity over the years. 

Comments on the post varied, but they definitely had some backlash from the more moderate and conservative fans, and rightly so. We have enough whining in the mainstream media we don't need even more of it. If the left-wing censorship gurus really thought their ideas were better than the dissenters then they would allow criticism. After all, the only way to combat bad speech is with better speech.  

A few comments were calling out the franchise for being hypocritical, one account even pointed out how the characters in the movie only have two genders and there are “thousands of planets with white people” but there is “only one Planet of Black People and one Planet ruled by a Matriarchy” so far. Sounds very diverse Star Trek. 

The term used in Star Trek’s new graphic, “IDIC,” was first used during an episode that aired in 1968. The quote is associated with the Vulcan Pendent, which represents the idea that “beauty, growth, and progress all result from the union of the unlike.” So now they’re associating that phrase with banning hate speech and censoring those who are “unlike” them in the way that they think. The ‘tolerance’ is unreal.