SHAME! NYT Publishes Article Making Excuses For Racist Black Hebrew Israelites That Accosted Covington Kids

Nick Kangadis | January 24, 2019

Ah, the media. Home of “intellectuals” and the uber-tolerant — or so they’d like everyone to believe. In fact, the media is so tolerant that they’re more than happy to publish articles that make excuses for actual racists.

On Wednesday, the New York Times (NYT) published an article by their national correspondent covering race, John Eligon. The article, “Hebrew Israelites See Devine Intervention in Lincoln Memorial Confrontation,” paints a rosier-than-deserved picture of the racist hate group that hurled anti-Semitic remarks, homophobic insults and racist vitriol towards a group of predominantly white teenagers.

These parasites actually took the time to find a black kid in group, only to tell him that when he grows up the white people with him would harvest his organs.

While the article mentions that the Black Hebrew Israelites “use blunt and sometimes offensive language,” it wasn’t enough to call the group racist.

By the way, the article never mentions the language used towards the Covington Kids — instead settling on describing the scene as “a group of black Hebrew Israelites profanely clashing with dozens of mostly white Catholic schoolboys wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ caps.”

Eligon described the clash at the Lincoln Memorial as a “divine opportunity” for the Hebrew Israelites:

For the Hebrew Israelites, it was a divine opportunity. Ordinarily, those approached by the group quickly rush by. Though they have been name-checked by Kendrick Lamar in a rap called “Yah,” they have also been denounced by others as a hate group. Provocation is their outreach method of choice. And provoke they did.

Oh, did you all hear that? They were mentioned in a rap song! I have to take them seriously now! They’re in pop culture!

Provocation probably isn’t the best way to get people to your side, especially if that provocation involves tossing racial epithets like they were Tic-Tacs.

But, Eligon wrote that there’s a method to their madness — as if that excuses their radical behavior:

That, in part, is because they are trying to get through to them, Mr. Banyamyan said. He described it like tough love — calling out black people to try to get them to turn their lives around. “Spare nobody’s feelings,” is a biblical passage he falls back on.

“We use certain tactics,” he said, adding that if you confront passers-by softly, “they don’t respect you.”

Whatever tensions are sparked by Hebrew Israelite teaching, some adherents chalk that up to people being unwilling to accept uncomfortable doctrine.

That’s a great way of getting people to see your point of view as legitimate. All you have to do — apparently — is intimidate people until they have no choice but to listen to you. That doesn’t get people to “respect you,” it either makes them feel uncomfortable or that the person yelling at them is an a*****e.

The article notes that the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) considers a lot of groups associated with the Hebrew Israelites are hate groups. But if you listen to the SPLC’s Heidi Beirich, it almost seems as if the SPLC makes excuses for why the Hebrew Israelites are so hateful, almost excusing it.

“These are really fringe movements, and they’re also very different than white nationalist groups that have access to power,” Beirich said. “This kind of thinking arose in reaction to white supremacy and the abuse and exploitation of black people.”


If we take Beirich’s word for it, then she’s telling us that the reason the Black Hebrew Israelites are so hateful is because of evil white people.

The conclusion of this article is perhaps the most egregious part of it:

To many black people, Hebrew Israelites are a harmless part of their communities, said Todd Boyd, a professor of race and pop culture at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, one of many cities where the group can be seen working the streets. More alarming to many African Americans, he said, is “seeing a white guy in a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.”

I’m going to straight up call Boyd a liar, or at the very least misinformed. The “Hebrew Israelites are a harmless part of their communities?”

What about this, Mr. Boyd? (WARNING: Very Strong Racist Language):

They said the things they said during the incident with the Covington Kids for one simple reason — THEY’RE RACISTS! Judging by the video above, their hate isn't exclusive to white people either. It goes to show just how afraid the media are of claiming that a black person could possibly be a racist or bigot.