Shame on You, New York! Daniel Penny Surrenders to Authorities, Soros-Funded DA Charges Him with 2nd Degree Manslaughter

Nick Kangadis | May 12, 2023
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We’re currently at a point in our society where in larger American cities, it’s more personally beneficial to do nothing when you see someone in trouble. When criminals are considered victims and victims and heroes are considered criminals, it’s time to abandon big cities. One of the cities that should continue to see a mass exodus is the formerly great New York City.

New York City seems lost after 24-year-old Marine Daniel Penny surrendered himself to authorities on Friday, and George Soros-funded, far-left Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg announced that Penny will be facing a second-degree manslaughter charge for subduing violent career criminal, 30-year-old Jordan Neely.

For context of what happened during the encounter between Penny and Neely, I gave a brief summary in this week’s edition of my weekly video commentary series, Things That Need To Be Said:

So Daniel Penny saw Jordan Neely apparently do what Neely has an actual history of - harassing, intimidating and being threatening. According to police - there's also a history of assault with Neely. 

Penny decided to take matters into his own hands, being confident he could subdue Neely, and he did just that with a chokehold. Now, when you’re subduing someone and you’re not a cop, you’ve basically committed to holding that person until the authorities arrive. You’re not going to make that decision, then suddenly decide to let the person go to where they could potentially harm someone. Also, once Neely was subdued, Penny — along with a couple other people — put Neely in a recovery position so that Neely’s airway was clear to breathe, which he was still breathing at that moment. If you’re a murderer, or you have some kind of blood lust, you’re not going to stick around to make sure the person you subdued is okay.

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Maybe if people like the activist Bragg did what they’re supposed to do and serve law-abiding citizens, people like Neely would’ve never had the chance to threaten anyone and find himself in the position he ended up in.

You see, Neely had been previously arrested 44 times, and in 43 cases “mental healthcare workers took him in for treatment.” But as I also noted, if a person doesn’t want to be helped they’re not going to take in anything you’re trying to do to heart.

Unfortunately for Neely, he encountered three decent New Yorkers who had enough of criminals running roughshod over the people of New York. If the cops aren’t going to be allowed to do their jobs, and Mayor Eric Adams — as well as Bragg — aren’t going to do anything except display faux concern over the situation, then don’t be surprised when average people begin doing their jobs for them.


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