Shaquille O'Neill Says Kids Won't Be Able To Use His Fortune to Succeed

John Simmons | August 26, 2022
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President Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness policy allows people in their early 20s to get off Scott free for taking on debt, forcing future generations to bear the burden of their financial decisions.

While a lot of people are celebrating this new policy that incentivizes laziness, former NBA star Shaquille O’Neil is raising his kids in a countercultural way and is forcing them to earn whatever they want out of life, not relying on him to make a future for them.

In an interview with 7 News in Australia, O’Neil stated that even though he has incredible net worth - which is estimated somewhere around $400 million - he said that any of his eight children have to show high levels of responsibility and drive before they ask for his financial support.

“The know they have things to fall back on, but it’s not going to be that easy. In order to get my cheese, you have to present me with two degrees. So, I just keep them motivated and keep them happy,” he said. “I’m teaching about generational wealth right now. I tell them all the time we don’t need another NBA player in the house. If you want to play, I can help you get there. I would rather see a doctor, dentist, hedge fund guy, a veterinarian, or a world traveler.”

This is not the first time O’Neil has said that his children will not be able to mooch off his wealth to succeed in life. In an episode of “Earn Your Leisure” in October of 2021, he drew a distinction between him and his children and said that just because he’s rich does not mean his children will forever get the easy road.

While his approach might be a little extreme, the principle behind it is praiseworthy. In a society that celebrates and incentivizes a laid-back approach to making your own way in life, it is refreshing to see someone -- a celebrity, no less -- take the higher road in raising his children.


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