Sheila Jackson Lee: GOP Wants Voter ID Laws Only 'Because We Elected the First African American President'

Joe Schoffstall | January 24, 2012
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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) took to the House floor and said the GOP only wants voter ID laws "because we elected the first African American president" and claimed there was no voter fraud in the 2008 elections.

"In a 2006 nationwide study of voting age citizens by the Brennan Center for Justice of the New York University School of Law found that African Americans are more than three times as likely as Caucasions to lack a government issued ID. The sacred and simple act of being able to vote for a person of your chosing causes the ire of so many state legislators who after the 2010 election and the misrepresentation that there was fraud in the 2008 election made because we elected the first African American president or some crisis generated this response."


(h/t BreitbartTV and MultiVideoFile)