Sheriff Office Tweets About Two Convicts With 85 Felony Charges -'We Hope They Stay Locked Up'

Eric Scheiner | January 27, 2023
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“We hope they stay locked up,” - that’s what the Orange County Sheriff’s office in Florida says about two men with long records who were allegedly caught on video robbing a deliveryman at gunpoint.

The sheriff’s office made the comment on Twitter Thursday, noting the two men arrested share a total of 85 felony charges and 11 felony convictions between them.


The video above shows the moments when an Amazon delivery driver was ambushed and robbed at gunpoint.

Fox35 reports that the suspects took the driver's cellphone, demanded his pin code to his debit cards, and searched his pockets before taking several packages and fleeing.


Detectives were able to track down the Amazon drivers stolen iPhone using the ‘Find My iPhone’ app which matched one of the suspect's home address, deputies said. They were able to identify the suspects based off of their tattoos visible in the dash camera video.

Arkimase Divinard, 22, and Joel Junior Aime, 23, are once again behind bars.

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