Shocker: Biological Male Is Dominating Female Competitors In Pro Disc Golf

John Simmons | September 30, 2022
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If leftists need anymore anecdotal evidence that transgendered females have an inherent advantage over female athletes, they need look no further than what Natalie Ryan is accomplishing in the female division of professional disc golf.

Ryan, a biological male, has only been involved in the sport professionally for three years, but is already ranked fifth in the world among women. He has won two elite-level women's events this past year alone, taking in $15,000 in first-place prize money: $6,000 from the Great Lakes Open in Milford, MI in July, and $9,000 from the Disc Golf Pro Tour event in Leicester, MA, earlier this month. While this might be a small amount compared to most pro sports, both of these are sizable prizes by disc golf standards.

Furthermore, Ryan also won last year’s U.S. Distance Championships with a throw of 458 feet. While that barely eclipsed Ella Hansen’s second-place throw of 454 feet, other female disc golfers were rightfully enraged that a man with little experience bested women that have spent years mastering their technique to maximize distance.

“What makes it worse is that Ryan’s form isn’t even that good,” one player said on basis of anonymity. “If it were, she’d be out-throwing us by even more. So while the rest of us spend years refining our form, trying to keep up and get more distance, she’s been in the sport only—what?—three years or something. And she’s already said [publicly], ‘Oh, I’ve got my form down. I don’t need to practice that.'”

Another anonymous source said that Ryan and another transgendered female competitor, Chloe Alice, have the physical capability to hit shots the average female can’t.

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“I would say that one of the biggest advantages of the [male-bodied] players is their ability to scramble in tight situations when a disc goes off the fairway, to just stand there and blast a shot through the woods,” she said. “I’ve seen both [trans player] Chloe [Alice], and Natalie [Ryan] do this. They’re just standing still and throw the kind of [forehand shot] that I’ve never seen a female throw even under perfect conditions.”

Despite the clear evidence that Ryan has over her peers, he has the audacity to claim that, despite these stats, he’s not doing anything harmful to the sport.

“The people that are out there that think I don’t deserve to be here haven’t realized that I can’t do anything in this sport better than anyone else,”  Ryan said after winning in July. I do some things very well, but I don’t do things the best across the board.”

Lia Thomas doesn’t win everything he competes in, but that doesn’t mean he belongs in the women’s division anymore than Ryan belongs competing against female golfers.

Unsurprisingly, the PDGA celebrates Ryan, Alice, or any other trans people out there that might want to ruin women’s sports to indulge their own selfish desires, as evidenced by a tweet the published in June.

Our celebration of Pride continues as we put the spotlight on Chloe Alice, a pro disc golfer who has experienced the highs and lows of being transgender on tour. #pridemonth

— UDisc Disc Golf App (@UDiscApp) June 17, 2022