SHOCKER: Democrats Pollsters Find ‘LatinX’ Offends A LOT of Hispanics

Gabriel Hays | December 6, 2021
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You know, it's always been a tad ironic that the left abhors the history of colonialism perpetrated by Western Civilization upon Latin American peoples, but at the same time micromanages that minority to the point that it’s dictating how they should identify, namely as “LatinX.”

Ah yes, LatinX, that abominable progressive term for the Latino ethnicity, that assumes that people of hispanic descent and heritage can’t stand the fundamentally-gendered language they think in and speak every moment of the day. 

How smug is it for Gringo elites to decide that Latinos need to make their identity politically correct? Well considering that new polling shows that the demographic doesn’t like the term, it’s less smug and downright oppressive.

According to, a poll shows that a whopping 40% of Hispanics say that the term “LatinX” “bothers or offends them.” Ah, you don’t say? And it’s probably safe to presume that another 40% don’t care enough to complain, but never use the term in daily life.

The poll, conducted by “Bendixen & Amandi International” – a Democrat firm specializing in Latino outreach – found “30 percent of Hispanic voters — 24 percent of Democrats and 43 percent of Republicans — are less likely to support a politician or political organization using the word.”

Oh that’s interesting. So the woke pandering isn’t working? Shocker.

Apparently, Democrats using LatinX is a terrible strategy that does not yield beneficial results, well besides generating more hatred for a political party that should be thanking its lucky stars it even has any power at the moment. 

“The numbers strongly suggest that the use of this term may actually be counterproductive, as opposed to productive, because only 2 percent of Hispanic voters nationally embrace the term,” said Fernand Amandi, the principal at Bendixen & Amandi International.

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Granted, 57% of the people polled say they are “unbothered” by this farcical political correctness and neutering of their own language. But unbothered doesn’t mean they’re exactly excited by it, does it?

Still the fact that nearly half of people polled detest it means that perhaps it should be retired. 

Amandi added, “up to 40 percent are saying that this term, either bothers or offends them, which in my mind suggests the potential costs outweigh the benefits.” Yeah, it may quite literally be the biggest insult to any demographic’s intelligence.

And guess what? Apparently the majority of Latinos are just fan using the old term “hispanic” in order to identify themselves. The outlet reported, “A majority of voters — 68 percent — said ‘Hispanic’ is the term that comes closest to describing their ethnic background.” 20% still like the term “Latino” and only 2% like LatinX. 

As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But that’s the problem with the left these days. They will run roughshod over anything that’s not part of what they’ve envisioned in their dreams of utopia. It means destroying a great U.S. economy, taking away our God-given freedoms and making Hispanics use make-believe words in order to refer to their ethnicity.

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