SHOCKER! Warren Embraces Abolition of Electoral College!

P. Gardner Goldsmith | December 4, 2019
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Hold onto your hat, because this might come as a complete and utter shock.

Liz Warren, that paragon of philosophical erudition and honest dealing, just told the world that, contrary to what we, her adoring fans, might have expected, she wants to abolish the electoral college.

Because, of course, the United States is not close enough to a democratic-socialist dystopia.

As reported by Emily Goodin, for The DailyMail:

'I want to get rid of it,' Warren said of the electoral college in a video posted on her Twitter feed.

And that, according to The Borg Queen of Massachusetts, will happen just before her “second term” as President.

'So here’s my goal. My goal is to get elected and then be the last American president elected by the electoral college. I want the second term to be that I got elected by direct vote,' she said. 'Call me old fashioned but I think the person who gets the most votes should win.'

And, really, who would ever look at or listen to schoolmarm Warren and view her as “old fashioned”?

In fact, not only is Warren not “old fashioned”, she’s marching in lock-step with the utopian socialists in the US who would like to continue flipping the carefully constructed and wildly debated constitutional strictures on their head, who would like to continue beating into people’s heads the term “American Democracy” when the national government not only isn’t a “democracy”, the vast majority of those involved with the Constitution and the Articles of Confederation saw democracy and majority rule as poison to individual liberty.

The Founders took careful pains to break the power of the central government into separate parts. As a result, they created the Judiciary, with the Supreme Court as the final appellate destination. They created the Executive Branch, the President of which was supposed to execute constitutional laws, negotiate treaties, and lead troops when the House of Representatives of the third branch, the Legislative, declared War. In turn, that House was to be elected based on so-called “representation” according to population in each state, and the other body of the Legislative Branch, the Senate, was to be elected by the legislative bodies of each state, with two Senators apportioned per state.

It’s simple civics, and -- along with an understanding of how the Founders recognized the wisdom in Aristotle’s warning against Democracy and his prescription that governments have written constitutions beyond which they were not to operate – it’s the kind of thing that reflects the anti-expansion of government sentiment built into the Constitution.

It also gives any cognizant person a keen understanding of why people like Liz Warren, other politicians, and many pop media talking heads have recently upped the energy they put into using the word “democracy” when describing “America”.

America is not a “democracy”. It is a constitutional republic, with a written set of clear and amendable rules for how the federal and state governments will function. Abrogation of that Constitution is supposed to disqualify people from remaining in office – at every level.

In Aristotle’s writings, he offered a two-column, three-line grid of what he saw as the “acceptable” and likely more just governments, and those that would be tyrannical. Thus, he noted that a monarch operating under a constitution would be acceptable and less offensive to individual rights than a monarchy without a constitution, which he called a Tyranny.

A small group of rulers operating within the constitutional constraints he called an “Aristocracy”, after the “aristoi” or landowners. But a small group of rulers operating with no constitutional restraints was an Oligarchy.

Finally, a government formed through the vote of all the citizens but operating under a constitution Aristotle called a Polity.

Government operated based on majority vote without Constitutional strictures was mob rule, also known as…


The founders despised “democracy” and Liz Warren ought to know this. Follow her suggestion. Call her “quaint”. Call her "old fashioned."

Or, turn away from her propaganda and see that her “old fashionedness” only goes back as far as 19th Century Fabian Socialism, Twentieth Century National Socialism, and the so-called “democratic-socialist” movement of the late 20th Century – all of which attack individual rights and stand in absolute contradistinction from the Bill of Rights many founders demanded before the Constitution (which many saw as too centralizing) was adopted.

The final checks on the central government were supposed to be the 10th Amendment (with its inherent recognition of state power to nullify unconstitutional federal statutes) and the Electoral College, when the Presidential elections cycled ‘round.

Leaving the election of the Chief Executive in the hands of “popular” vote, would mean that the states with the largest populations or densest population centers would possess the most power. That, in turn, could be part of a feedback loop of local figures in cities steering support towards certain figures in exchange for federal pork the likes of which Alexander Hamilton adored.

And while this has already been happening throughout US history, from the time of the quashed “Whiskey Rebellion” – one of George Washington’s most egregious mistakes – to any of the hundreds of pork programs and unconstitutional activities enacted each month in DC, it would be even worse if the Electoral College were eliminated.

Not only is Liz Warren not “old fashioned”. She is a collectivist of one of the worst stripes. She is a propagandist pandering to popular sentiment even as she stands beneath the flag of the nation-state she wants to use as a weapon against the rights of supposedly free individuals.

As she and her collectivist cohorts push for “American Democracy”, it might be worthwhile for the rest of us to shout back what we know: that the US government is not a “democracy”, that the founders loathed it, and that democracy is mob rule.

And that seems like precisely what Warren adores.