Shocking Footage Shows Woman Giving Birth On a Public Sidewalk In San Francisco

Brittany M. Hughes | April 10, 2023
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A fully-clothed woman gave birth to a baby on a sidewalk in full view of the public in downtown San Francisco in one of the most shocking cell phone videos I think I’ve ever witnessed.

The clip, recorded just after the mother birthed the baby onto the filthy concrete, shows the woman lying sideways on the ground with a brand new baby covered with a white blanket just beside her. Several people around her can be seen and heard trying to keep the dazed woman calm while keeping the baby covered.

"It's going to be ok, just relax," a man wearing a baseball hat says to the woman, as she repeatedly tries to pick up the baby. "Don't move, it's going to be fine. They are coming to pick you up.”

The San Francisco Fire Department confirmed the incident and said both the mother and child were taken to a local hospital in "stable condition," but were unable to comment further due to privacy laws.

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An independent journalist who posted the video reported the witness who filmed the scene said the woman had been seen “smoking crack all afternoon” before giving birth.

While the woman's living situation and sobriety status haven't been confirmed by authorities, the San Francisco Standard pointed out that the city isn't exactly unused to homeless and drug-addicted persons giving birth, including on the street. A stillborn baby was found in a government-sanctioned homeless encampment just last year.

In a city known for caring far more about its violent criminals than its children, we can only pray this woman gets whatever help she may need, and that her beautiful baby remains safe, healthy, and well cared for.