SICK!!! Project Veritas Uncovers Perverted Curriculum in Chicago Private School, Including Use of Sex Toys

Nick Kangadis | December 8, 2022
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If there’s video evidence that a school executive — public or private — advocated for and was proud of a in-school program that gave minors sex toys with instruction on different ways to use them, that school executive should be thrown in jail, right? Right? No, right?! It’s past time to stop giving perverts masquerading as “educators” the grace that they’re given and promptly remove them from any and all schools.

The Dean of Students at Francis W. Parker private school in Chicago, Illinois Joseph Bruno was caught on undercover video by a Project Veritas undercover journalist admitting that during “Pride Week” he had an “LGBTQ+ health center” come in and pass out dildos and butt plugs to students, spoke about “queer sex” and the difference between “using lube versus using spit.”

Bruno also spoke of a drag queen that came in to talk to students — since regular clowns have been stigmatized to be too scary for kids these days — and “pass out cookies and brownies and do photos.”

The school administrator told the undercover Veritas reporter that a “cool part of [his] job” is that he doesn’t really have to worry about pushback for his perverted, grooming curriculum.


In response, Francis W. Parker principal Dan Frank tried to downplay Bruno’s admissions by writing in a statement to parents that the video was “edited” “with malicious intent.” Frank also attempted to assuage parents by calling Project Veritas “a far-right activist group,” which Veritas is not.

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However, Frank never denied the allegations against the school, probably because Bruno — its Dean of students — openly admits to it on camera. In fact, Frank simply explains his school’s perverted curriculum as “one example of our inclusive, LGBTQ+ affirming, and comprehensive approach to sex education.”


Project Vertias founder James O’Keefe attempted to confront Bruno outside the school, but Bruno ran inside the school like a coward and O’Keefe and his cameraperson retreated to the sidewalk where they were permitted to stay.


No one that worked at the school, nor any of the parents told about Bruno’s comments seemed upset or appalled by the information. Then again, it is in Chicago, where anything goes and the law doesn’t matter.

There’s some sick puppies in the world, and apparently, a lot of them teach your children and grandchildren.


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