Sign O' The Times: 'Billboard Chris' Protests Loudoun County VA School Policy

Jessica Kramer | October 13, 2022
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On Tuesday night, Canadian native “Billboard Chris” spoke at the Loudon County School Board
Meeting where he told the school board he would "declare war" on them and stand with a billboard outside of schools to discuss the board's abusive practices.

“I’m going to be standing on your street corners by your schools having conversations with
parents about the abusive practices that your school board is pushing,” he said.

On Thursday, he delivered.  Standing outside Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia, the
same school where Scott Smith’s daughter was sexually assaulted in a bathroom by a boy wearing a dress. 

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"Extreme times call for unusual measures," Chris told MRCTV. "These schools aren't necessarily safe for kids anymore, this is where a lot of kids are being indoctrinated to believe they are born in the wrong body which is a really abusive thing to teach a child."

Watch MRCTV's conversation with "Billboard Chris" in the video above.

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