Sing It Again! Trump Invites Children's Choir To Perform Anthem After Stopped By Capitol Police

Haika Mrema | June 8, 2023
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A performance of the "Star-Spangled Banner" by a South Carolina children’s choir was stopped last month by U.S. Capitol Police at the United States Capitol. In response, former President Donald Trump has invited the group to perform at his rally in their home state.

“I heard about what happened at the Capitol, and that’s a shame. Really it's a serious thing to have an event like that – such a beautiful time in your lives and such an important time in your lives – to be interrupted in such a way,” Trump said on Truth Social. 

“But we are going to have you in South Carolina, and you’re going to sing at a rally for us in front of tens of thousands of people, And we’re all going to have a great time together,” Trump continued. “We love our country. We’re going to take care of our country, and we’re going to pay respect to those people that love it. And nobody loves it more than you.”

David Rasbach, the choir director, said the invitation was an “honor” and “wouldn’t even think of turning it down,” according to the Post and Courier.

The video of the incident has accumulated millions of views on social media causing plenty of outrage. However, Capitol Police responded saying it was a form of “miscommunication.” 

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“Although popup demonstrations and musical performances are not allowed in the U.S. Capitol without the proper approval, due to a miscommunication, the U.S. Capitol Police claim they were not aware that the Speaker’s Office had approved this performance.”

A recent statement from the U.S. Capitol Police reads. “We apologize to the choir for this miscommunication that impacted their beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner and their visit to Capitol Hill.”

An initial statement from Capitol Hill Police stated the “officers were reasonable and allowed the children to finish their beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.” Organizer of the event Micah Rea responded calling it a “bald-faced lie,” according to the Daily Signal

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) along with South Carolina representatives Russell Fry, Joe Wilson, and William Timmons released a joint statement to AP News confirming the speaker’s office invited the children’s choir to the Capitol. 



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