SJWs Are Now Whining That Wonder Woman Made Less Than Superman

Lianne Hikind | June 20, 2017
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Anyone not living under a rock has heard of the insane success of Wonder Woman and its leading lady, actress Gal Gadot.

Social media exploded when outlets including Huffington Post Canada and Business Insider among others reported that the former Fast and Furious actress had only made about $300,000 for the gig -- just 2 percent of the salary actor Henry Cavill made when he starred in Superman: Man of Steel.

Of course, those stories weren't fact -checked, and the claims are a bit sketchy.



As part of a contract she voluntarily signGal Gadot was paid $300,000 for her appearance in Batman v. Superman, as well as $300,000 each for both Wonder Woman and her future appearance in the Justice League.

And Gadot's not alone. Chris Evans, who played Captain America in Marvel's long-running Avengers franchise, was also paid $300,000 for his role. When Chris Hemsworth made his first appearance as Thor, he was only paid $200,000. Both actors now make millions of dollars per film, and were able to negotiate higher contracts after their first movies.

Gadot, as fabulous as she may be, was a virtually unknown actress who, in her own words, was going to give up on acting before she landed the starring role in the blockbuster film.

While Cavill, who had already solidified himself in Hollywood well before donning Superman's cape, did make a significant amount in his role as Superman, Vanity Fair reports that sum wasn't for just one film, and also included bonuses and a percentage of box office sales that was negotiated into his contract. Likewise, the $300,000 that Gadot made was only the base salary, and, according to TMZ, doesn't include a massive bonus that's expected to exponentially increase her earnings.

Regardless of how much Hollywood wants to headline an alleged gender-pay gap, let their overpriced lawyers fight it out. There is no story here -- though here's hoping that GG's team negotiate well for her in the sequel.