SNL Writers Terrified at Prospect of Being Funny, Boycotting Because Dave Chappelle's Hosting This Week

Nick Kangadis | November 11, 2022
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You know a show has run its course when alleged “comedy” writers boycott their jobs instead of working with possibly the greatest living stand-up comedian.

That’s exactly what’s going on at 30 Rock as writers for “Saturday Night Live” have reportedly boycotted the show this week after it was announced that legendary comedian Dave Chappelle would be hosting the show November 12.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, the writers are upset about Chappelle’s inclusion as the show’s host because of jokes he previously made that the perpetually offended have deemed transphobic and homophobic.

An alleged insider told Page Six that while a number of writers won’t be working on the show this week, “none of the actors are boycotting.”

Yeah, probably because the actors know what a privilege it is to work with a comedic genius.

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If Saturday Night Live’s not careful — and in the last few years they haven’t been — the show will be no longer and could be gone in the next few years.

Longtime SNL cast member Keenan Thompson said back in July that “it might not be a bad idea” if the show ended at the 50th season.

Since solely relying on leftist politics to get them laughs over the past five or six seasons, the show has seen a drop in actual comedy, which seems reserved for bigger episodes with huge guest hosts, like Chappelle, or their annual Christmas episode.

In any case, the fact that “comedy” writers wouldn’t want to work with someone like Chappelle because he’s too edgy for them proves that those same writers shouldn’t be working on a comedy show in the first place.


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