Snuff Radio: NPR Airs Audio Of Woman Getting Abortion, Including Vacuuming, Moaning & Crying

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 3, 2022
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This is simply heartbreaking. 

On NPR’s “Morning Edition,” host Kate Wells traveled to Detroit to observe procedures and talk to patients inside an abortion clinic. In the Thursday segment, Wells aired the audio of an actual abortion that took place. 

The audio is devastating. You can hear the patient nervously following through with the procedure. You can hear her moans and cries and worst of all, you can hear the vacuum machine that is slowly and loudly ripping apart the patient’s baby, limb by limb. 

Meanwhile, Wells describes the atmosphere as “soothing” with the dimmed lights and music. She likens it to a “child birth,” but in reality, a child is being killed. This is a crime scene.

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The child in question was reportedly 11 weeks along. He or she had a detectable heartbeat and was roughly the size of a fig. The baby had distinct characteristics like fingers and toes with nail beds beginning to form and even had a tongue and teeny tiny nose - that is until each limb was violently torn from the child’s body. 


Here’s the transcript of the audio, including comments from Wells herself who watched and recorded the procedure live: 

Doctor: So I am just gonna get you set up on the table and we’re gonna do that sedation medicine

Patient: Okay

Doctor: We’re gonna pull this out under your legs

Wells: Most patients are partially awake during the procedures. They get IV medication for pain and anxiety, the lights are dimmed, there’s soothing music, it actually feels a lot like a child birth for them: medical gown, your bare legs in stirrups, and a person next to you saying, ‘you can do this.’

Doctor's aid: Just keep breathing

Wells: That’s Brandy, She’s one of the staffers. Her job is to monitor vital signs but it is also to hold the patient's hand and talk her through this. Whether it’s a birth or an abortion, it is often women guiding other women.

Doctor: You’re going to hear this machine turn on now, okay it makes a loud noise. 

Patient: (nervously) okay

Doctor's aid: Blow it out, blow it out, breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe, listen to me. If you hold your breath it just makes it harder for you. Keep breathing.

Wells: ‘Just keep breathing’ Brandy tells her over and over. ‘I can’t’ the patient says at one point when the cramps get painful. ‘Yes, you can,’ Brandy tells her, ‘you’re doing it.’ And then within just a couple minutes, it's over.

Doctor: One more time

Patient: *audibly moans*

Brandy: Take some deep breaths for me. Catch your breath.

Doctor: You did it. 

Patient: Thank you guys so much.

Brandy: You did it! 

Doctor: You are welcome!

Patient: *audible sigh* I hope I didn’t do too bad.

Brandy: You did good.

Doctor: You did great! You did just fine! Yeah!

Brandy: You’re okay. *audible chuckling* Don’t you ever tell yourself that you can’t do somethin.

Patient: Okay.

Doctor: So I’m gonna bring the lights up and we’re gonna get your underwear on so we can get you over to recovery where you can relax, okay?

If you’re like me, even reading that transcript is heartbreaking. To think about the fact that NPR shamelessly played the sound of a child being slaughtered is extremely disturbing. 


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