So-Called 'Christian' Abortionist Admits To Killing Countless Babies: 'What's the Difference?'

Ferlon Webster Jr. | February 26, 2019
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A so-called “Christian” abortionist — yes, a “Christian” abortionist — admitted in a debate that “abortion kills a human being,” but couldn’t care less that that was the case.

Abortionist Willie Parker and Dr. Mike Adams, a pro-life apologetics instructor at UNC, debated the abortion topic Thursday evening at the University of North Carolina, during which Parker conceded points that most pro-abortion advocates often avoid. 

“It is wrong to kill an innocent human being, I agree,” Parker started off.  “Abortion kills a human being, I agree.”

“When I do an abortion, I am clear what she is asking me to do for her. I am clear that she is asking me to remove a fetus from her. I am clear that, in your terms, it is intentional killing of a fetus,” he said. 

The abortionist sat behind a podium as he spoke with Dr. Adams and the two discussed what took place during the abortion procedure. As Adams tried to find out more details, Parker side-stepped the question, asking, “What’s the point?” and “What does it matter?” while seeming to avoid a deeper discussion into the topic he'd opened up.

“My point is that it intentionally kills an innocent human being,” Adams responded. “How many innocent human beings have you intentionally killed in your life’s work?” 

Parker couldn’t give a straight answer to this question, likely because he had snuffed out so many lives in his career he saw no point in keeping count.

“You’ve lost count,” Adams stated. “You’ve lost count.”

Here’s the dialogue between the two:

Parker: If it’s a million, what’s the—?

Adams: Ten thousand?

Parker: Twenty thousand. 

Adams: Twenty thousand?

Parker: Thirty. What’s the difference?

Adams: What’s the difference between twenty thousand and thirty thousand?

Parker. Yeah, yeah.

Adams: Ten thousand dead human beings. That’s the difference.

Parker: Ok, ok. 

You'd think that Parker, who self-identifies as a Christian, wouldn’t look at human life so lightly. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise, though, since “identifying” as something has diddly-squat to do with what you actually are.

If you ever read the Bible and run across the sixth chapter of Proverbs, you’ll see in verse 17 that one of the things the Lord hates and considers an abomination are “hands that shed innocent blood.” If you can’t align with the God you claim to serve, then how the heck can you consider yourself a follower of His? 

Here’s a short video of the debate that took place at UNC:

H/T: The Daily Wire

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