Socialist Maduro Wins Re-Election in Venezuela: Takes Shot at Trump, U.S. Government

Nick Kangadis | May 22, 2018
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Socialism gained another victory on Sunday — rigged as it may have been — but a victory nonetheless.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro celebrated his re-election late Sunday evening in a landslide victory over his nearest challenger, Progressive Advance Party member Henri Falcon.

According to the Associated Press:

The opposition throughout the day argued that a Maduro victory would lack legitimacy because many voters stayed home, heeding the call to boycott an election seen as rigged. Government critics also say other voters were pressured into voting for Maduro.

Electoral authorities say turnout is projected to reach 48 percent.

The United States and many governments around the world rejected the election even before ballots were cast as several key rivals of Maduro were barred from running.

The Socialist rule of keeping the populace under their thumb will continue for at least the next six years as that’s the length of a presidential term in Venezuela.

“I am a better-prepared president and human being right now," Maduro said, according to CNN. "You trusted in me and I will respond. Thank you for giving me 68% of those votes.”

Sorry, President Maduro. But, there’s no way you’re a better person. Unless Maduro drops Socialism from his presidential practice, the Venezuelan people are only in for more heartache, devastation and starvation.

How can Maduro ever be a decent person when his people are eating dogs and rats in the streets just to stay alive?

Maduro even took a shot at President Donald Trump and the United States government.

“There has been a fierce campaign by the government of Donald Trump,” Maduro said on Sunday. “In the United States there has been a fierce pressure to try to besmirch the Venezuelan elections -- and they couldn’t.”

How dare the U.S. try and besmirch an election whose outcome was predetermined! The unmitigated gall! Of course I’m joking around, but you get the idea.

How can Maduro say he’s a better person when he stifles his own country’s sales of the largest supply of crude oil in the world? Inflation on goods for the Venezuelan people is projected to reach 13,000 percent this year!

But, don’t worry. Maduro says he’s a better human being…right now.