Socialist Students Think Colleges Should Protect Them from Free Speech

Nick Kangadis | February 12, 2018
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It used to be that universities and colleges were places where a young adult could continue their education while actually learning about a variety of things in an open marketplace of ideas.

Oh, how the times have changed.

College students have become increasingly afraid of words that they’re not supposed to like, according to their university appointed indoctrinators. Heck, 20 percent of students believe it’s okay to use violence to stifle speech they don’t agree with. Now, University of Central Florida (UCF) student — and member of Knights [UCF mascot] for Socialism — Richard Walker doesn’t think that people who don’t fly Left-of-Center should be afforded the same First Amendment rights as everyone else.

“The university’s first responsibility is ensuring the safety and well-being of their students,” said Walker. “It might be just words now, but if you let that sort of thing come into the public discourse and become widely accepted, it doesn’t stay words.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

More than 40 percent of students believe the First Amendment does not protect hate speech, according to a Brookings Institute poll taken of 1,500 students nationwide last year. Almost 20 percent believe using violence is an acceptable means to stop such speech, the poll found. In all, 53 percent of students — 61 percent Democrat and 47 percent Republican — believe colleges and universities should prohibit offensive speech, according to the survey.

Those are alarming numbers. The fact that 47 percent of Republican students think free speech should be restricted is sign that universities have outlasted their usefulness as they are currently constructed.

Ironically, by holding all of these protests against conservative speakers, the social justice Socialists only bring more attention to the subject matter that they’re trying to snuff out.

Recently, 'CBS Sunday Morning' did a piece on the issue of free speech on college campuses. Here's that video:

H/T: The Blaze