Sorry, Finland: Biden Got Creepy With a Little Kid...Again

Brittany M. Hughes | July 14, 2023
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President Joe Biden can’t remember to stop stiffing and touching other people’s children.

Of course, the 80-year-old alleged leader of the free world also can’t remember that he’s president, how to get off a stage, or how to speak the English language. So, there’s that.

But when it comes to being overly friendly with little kids, perhaps someone should throw a post-it on Biden’s suit jacket or stamp the back of his hand to remind him to stop groping other people’s toddlers or kissing little girls. Which is exactly what he did in Finland during a stop on his overseas tour this week.

In what might be one of the most uncomfortable Biden-touches-a-kid videos we’ve gotten yet, footage from Biden’s brief meet-and-greet shows a woman holding a preschool-age little girl beside the president's path, which was apparently just too much for him to resist.

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While the gesture might be considered acceptable for a relative or perhaps a close family friend, it’s pretty weird coming from the President of the United States - grandpa of six seven grandchildren or not. And it seems the child wasn’t too thrilled about it, either.


Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski may have given the game away Wednesday when she suggested Biden’s staffers should do a better job of keeping him from tripping over sandbags and wiping out on the steps to Air Force Once to avoid hurting his chances of being re-elected. After all, the American public deserves to know whether the guy they're being asked to vote for can formulate a basic sentence or remember which direction to walk after giving a speech.

But when it comes to the president groping little kids, it’d be nice if someone would step up with a nice armbar every now and then - if for no other reason than to keep from traumatizing toddlers.

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