Sorry, Not Sorry: Biden 'Wasn’t Trying to Mislead Anybody’ with Fake War Story, Would Tell It Again

Monica Sanchez | September 3, 2019

Former Vice President and 2020 Democratic hopeful Joe Biden is doubling down on his assertion that he did no wrong by telling a war story that actually never happened.

Biden while speaking to reporters ahead of a Labor Day picnic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa said that he “wasn’t trying to mislead anybody” with the story he told at a campaign event last week that was found to be inaccurate and pulled from three separate events, and that he would tell it again because of “the point” he was trying to make.

“[Details] matter in terms of whether you're trying to mislead people. And I wasn't trying to mislead anybody," Biden said. "My point is, I was there. The fact is, the point I was trying to make, I'd make again."

"The valor and honor of these warriors are as significant as any warriors we've ever had in the history of the United States of America,” he went on. “That was my point."

After The Washington Post fact-checked his story and reported that Biden had "jumbled elements of at least three actual events into one story of bravery, compassion and regret that never happened,” Biden and his campaign argued that the "central point" of his tale was "absolutely accurate."

Based on his most recent remarks, Biden clearly has no remorse for his fabricated storytelling, though his campaign should be concerned, as his growing number of gaffes has raised concerns about his candidacy.