South Carolina Gamecocks Use National Anthem To Protest

John Simmons | April 4, 2022

What women's basketball lacks in viewership numbers it more than makes up for in woke, virtue-signaling athletes.

Ahead of Friday night's women's basketball Final Four matchup between South Carolina and Louisville, the Gamecocks used the national anthem to bring awareness to racial injustice in our country, according to head coach Dawn Staley. The Gamecocks have been consistently using the national anthem to protest since 2021.

Staley added that she believes that her team's actions are actually serving to unite the country and not cause division.

"I love our country, too. I don't like what our country has come to, or what our country has been, but I'd like to think that there are people in our country that's going to lead us more in a unified way than a divisive way, and I'm here for that," Staley said

Can we please move on from using the one thing that should unite Americans as a platform for bringing attention to an issue that is consistently blown out of proportion?

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One of the primary reasons the national anthem is sung is to remind us that we at the very least share the same nationality, even if we have different religious beliefs, ethnicities, backgrounds, or tastes in sports teams. While we can all agree with Staley that America's past is flawed and tainted, that does not mean you should forsake participating in the one thing that should unify all Americans. Furthermore, we must recognize that there is nothing wrong with being thankful that you live here or for all the good things our country has accomplished as well. Using the national anthem as a way to protest is not conducive to bring about unity, it actually does more harm than good.

The Gamecocks eventually won the national title by defeating UConn on Sunday night, 64-49.