The State Dept. Really Wants You to Know It's 'International Pronouns Day!'

Nick Kangadis | October 20, 2021
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I know you were all waiting for this day to come, and now…it’s here! 

The U.S. Department of State, headed up by Secretary of State A. Blinken (say the initial and his last name fast, trust me), really wanted you to know that Wednesday, October 20 is “International Pronouns Day!” Hooray!

The State Department tweeted out an article from ShareAmerica, which is “The U.S. Department of State’s platform for communicating compelling stories that spark discussion & debate on important topics about U.S. policy and culture,” according to their Twitter bio.

Pronouns — so compelling.

In looking at the responses to the tweet, I — whose pronouns are don’t/care — saw possibly the greatest response to a government tweet that I’ve seen this year.

“[What] are the preferred pronouns of the Americans stuck in Afghanistan?” one Twitter user responded.

And the answers to that response were absolute gold.



It’s funny that we have an entire “global” day dedicated to the use pronouns that seem to be more important than the people themselves — or so the “social justice warriors” make us think when others correctly address them.

Anyway, happy International Pronouns Day — which pretty much no one knew was a thing until about an hour ago.