Stephen A. Smith Blasts Wrong Will Smith After Oscars Fiasco

John Simmons | March 28, 2022
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Social media was naturally in a stir after Will Smith slapped fellow actor Chris Rock at the annual wokefest that is the Oscars last night. Not surprisingly, sports talk show host Stephen A. Smith had his opinion on the matter, and you can be darn sure that he let the world know his two cents on the situation.

Unfortunately, he didn't think before he Tweeted, and made an egregious mistake as a result.

Stephen criticized Will for unleashing physical force on Rock. But when trying to shame the actor, Stephen used the wrong Twitter handle and ended up criticizing the co-host of the Brad and Will Made A Tech Pod podcast, who shares the same name as the actor turned ninja warrior.

That must have been quite the wake up call for the podcast host.

Despite being thrust unwillingly into the national spotlight, his response was both humorous and mature.

Even though the podcast host likely had to deal with a decent amount of confusion and embarrassment, the size of his podcast and social media audiences will probably skyrocket in the coming days.

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