Students Strip for Global Warming or Something

Stephen Gutowski | December 2, 2010
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Why are young liberals so sex obsessed that they believe the only way to express their opinions is by striping down on video? Get a life people. Nobody wants to watch you take off your clothes in public and ramble on about whatever asinine political cause your infatuated with this week:

(just to be clear there is no actual nudity in this video, thankfully)

They didn't even bother to try and connect their stupid little stunt with what they're whining about. At least when these young liberals took their clothes off they made a weak attempt to pretend it was somehow connected to health insurance. And, at least, when these Germans ran around in their underwear it made some sense given their protest was about unwanted government scrutiny of said underwear.

No no... these Canadian dimwits simply offer the message of "Look at our asses! Also global warming!". Simply brilliant.

By the way, to the geniuses in this video holding "carbon tax me" signs. I'm with you! Lets carbon tax the hell out of you.

Just you and the other fools calling for their own economic downfall though.