Suburban Chicago Teacher Against Mandates: 'I am Willing to Lose My Job for This'

Nick Kangadis | October 1, 2021
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A suburban Chicago school teacher said that she’s “willing to lose” her job than comply with her school district’s COVID mandates.

Art teacher Karly Olson, who teaches in the Indian Prairie School District in Aurora, Illinois, posted a video to YouTube earlier this week explaining to students and parents why she’s not in school.

“The reason I’m not at school today is because the administration has enforced the jab mandate, as well as, if you refuse the jab then they’re requiring testing,” Olson said in the over nine-minute video. “And I have a strong, a very strong stance on that.”

“I feel that it’s unconstitutional,” the 11-year teacher continued. “I will never, ever, ever inject my body with something that is experimental, it doesn’t qualify as a real vaccine. It’s gene therapy, and if you asked any of [the school administrators], not one of them would be able to tell you what’s in the shot.”

Olson conveyed a lot of her thoughts and opinions on the vaccines and the subsequent mandates, including mask-wearing, that are being enforced in school districts across the country.

“I am willing to lose my job for this,” Olson said later in the video. “Because I know that it’s unconstitutional. I know that justice is going to be served, and I don’t think that a lot of these people above me understand that they’re committing a crime.”

For Olson’s full thoughts, whether you agree with them or not, watch below:


H/T: Fox 32 - Chicago