Suicide Bombings in Pakistan and Syria Kill At Least 69 People, Dozens of Others Injured

Nick Kangadis | July 25, 2018
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Don’t count out ISIS just yet. The extremist portion of “the religion of peace” struck again on Wednesday — twice!

Suicide bombers in Syria and Pakistan set off their self-mutilating bombs on Wednesday, killing a total of at least 69 people and injuring dozens of others.

ISIS has now claimed responsibility for the bombing in Pakistan that killed 31 people. The attack in the Pakistani city of Quetta was carried out at a polling station while locals were voting in the country’s election. In a separate incident Wednesday a terrorist threw a grenade at a polling station in Koshk, killing a policeman and leaving three others wounded, looking more and more as though ISIS is deliberately targeting anything to do with the Pakistani election, as another suicide attack killed at least 149 people during an election rally in earlier this month in the town of Mastung.

In Syria, the state-run media is blaming ISIS for a separate attack in As-Suwayda that killed an additional 38 people, though no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing, according to CNN. Two other attacks were stopped as two terrorists were shot and killed before they could set themselves and many others ablaze in further suicide bombings.

This is a global issue — and ironically, globalists have turned a blind eye to Islamic terrorism under the guise of “tolerance.” Whether it’s Pakistan and Syria or Canada and the U.S., extremists who are completely dedicated to their cause of setting up a global caliphate don’t care one bit about borders.

This is yet another reason why having strong, secure borders aides countries in protecting their respective nation from outside influences who just want to watch the world burn.