Supreme Celeb Stupidity: Bette Midler Says Women Should Kneel for Anthem

Matt Philbin | May 10, 2022
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In the long, bloody history of America’s culture wars, has there been an atrocity more heinous than allowing Bette Midler to acquire a Twitter account? Those responsible must answer for countless violent crimes against truth, decency, intelligence and common sense. 

The latest incident, as documented by Breitbart, came on May 8, when the actress, singer and Hollywood bubble denizen launched a meme against an unsuspecting population:

More troubling, Midler seems to have developed rudimentary Googling skills and is beginning to deploy crude improvised weapons that, while utterly inaccurate, can cause collateral damage.

But Midler also sent a reminder that, however competent she becomes with technological weapons, she the same thoughtless bigot who dismisses entire states because residents don’t think like she does:

When the culture wars finally end and we stand blinking amidst the rubble of our institutions, there will be a reckoning. Lists of incidents and perpetrators will keep international tribunals busy for years. But those infamous names and foul deeds will be as nothing compared the dark cabal whose name mothers will whisper to misbehaving children: The Jackasses Who Gave Midler a Twitter Account.