SURPRISE! CDC Admits To Suppressing Claims Of COVID-Jab-Related Deaths.

P. Gardner Goldsmith | July 11, 2023
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In a nation in which people paying attention noticed just a few weeks into the absurd “Operation Warp Speed” that the feds not only had no constitutional role “fighting” their mislabeled “pandemic” but also that the feds were incentivizing medical centers to inflate the “deaths” attributed to COVID-19, does it come as any surprise that the government also has been revealed to have manipulated another important dataset along the dark, politically poisoned, lockstep path?

Greg Piper reports for Just The News that the revelation comes via a lawsuit that a law school student in Massachusetts has brought against the state, a suit that connects to Minnesota death reports all the way up to the CDC:

“The CDC's explanation for leaving certain diagnosis codes off Minnesota death certificates that cite COVID-19 vaccines as a cause of death, allegedly hiding vaccine injuries in federal records, shows ‘intent to deceive,’ according to a person who helped analyze the death certificates for the Brownstone Institute, a think tank that challenges the scientific basis for COVID conventional wisdom and policy.

John Beaudoin Sr., who is suing Massachusetts for submitting ‘fraudulent’ death certificates to the feds falsely labeling COVID as a cause of death, says CDC spokesperson Kristen Nordlund's comments on the matter to Just the News will be incorporated in an ‘affidavit to petition for a grand jury investigation of the CDC’ in its home of Georgia.”

Some might be wondering why a United States government operating under the U.S. Constitution even runs an agency called “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Since its Constitution-dodging creation in 1942, many generations have correctly realized that there is no provision in the “rules” of the country to allow it, but that hasn’t stopped it or its boosters or functionaries from claiming more and more power over our lives, even to the point of manipulating the history regarding mRNA-related or caused deaths.

Piper notes that Nordlund at the CDC has trapped herself through her own circular statements, which reveal that, essentially, the CDC is claiming that “vaccination is not a disease or cause of death” because, well, the CDC doesn’t allow for that to be checked in a box...because it’s not a disease or cause of death.

Piper brings us the self-immolating Nordlund logic:

"’Vaccination is not a disease or cause of death, so simple mention of the vaccine or vaccination without mention of adverse effects will not get coded’ on the death certificates cited in Brownstone's analysis, Nordlund wrote in an email.

‘COVID-19 vaccines are undergoing the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history,’ she said. ‘To date, CDC has not detected any unusual or unexpected patterns for deaths following immunization that would indicate that COVID vaccines are causing or contributing to deaths, outside of the nine confirmed TTS [thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome] deaths following the Janssen [Johnson & Johnson] vaccine.’"

The claim that “COVID-19 vaccines are undergoing the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history is highly debatable, not only for the fundamental misuse of the term “vaccine” but because “monitoring” means nothing, and as expert Sasha Latypova has proven, the jabs themselves were categorized under a military “countermeasure” listing and received “emergency use authorization” from the FDA, meaning they did NOT have to go through the years-long safety tests typical for other, real, vaccines.

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The test subjects have been the millions worldwide who were given the jabs without fully informed consent. They could not have been “informed” because the full information was not provided, and it still is being collected.

Except, of course, the CDC appears to have been manipulating that data collection, by not allowing medical professionals to list the jabs as actual causes of death.

See how it works? Beautifully sinister.

As Piper reports:

“Nordlund's claims ‘do not comport with truth, which can be shown by the Massachusetts data,’ Beaudoin said. ‘She trapped herself.’

The CDC is ‘essentially trying to claim that a coroner who writes “covid vaccine 8 hours before death”’ in the cause field ‘means to convey that the vaccine had no side effects and *definitely* did not contribute to the death in any way,’ Aaron Hertzberg, who collaborated with Beaudoin and wrote the Brownstone analysis, wrote in an email. ‘The absurdity of such a position is self-evident.’"

Indeed. The investigation has produced stunning results that could lead one to conclude that many at the CDC are frantic to avoid actually reporting casualties of the jab.

“Hertzberg and Beaudoin obtained every death certificate in Minnesota going back to 2015, the analysis states. Doctors fill out the text descriptions but the CDC assigns the ICD-10 codes, either via algorithm or manually if the algorithm can't nail down the code.”

And, out of all the people who passed away and had certificates connected to their deaths over that period…

“The duo found nine that explicitly mention COVID vaccines as a cause, which is ‘exceedingly rare … because of widespread medical establishment denialism of vaccine adverse side effects,’ but seven of them were missing the most applicable codes – ‘other complications following immunization’ and ‘viral vaccines.’

Of the seven, one had a COVID infection code and noted the person was infected several months earlier but received their second vaccine dose 10 hours before death, illustrating the ‘naked double standards’ in code assignment, the analysis states.

Others mention specifics including date of vaccination, dose, brand and possible side effects including ‘felt sick,’ cardiac arrest and heart attack, the last of which was coded as a gunshot wound despite the notes specifying ‘COVID booster.’”

One cannot know the circumstances for every death. But of this one can be certain: If the CDC were a private company, an organization that had to ASK for customers to give it their money and business, it would be operating in a completely different way.

The protection racket of government only protects itself and its special friends.

And it takes courageous, dedicated people like those involved in this suit to expose how detrimental that is to all of us.

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